Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to make a wrist cuff or bracelet from an old belt

I made a video of this but I am still figuring out how to upload it from the camcorder to the computer. So for now, just pictures.
If you have any old belts that you don't want to wear anymore, you can use it to make your own cool and unique customized wrist cuff.

I am going to use this old belt to make my own customized wrist cuff. I got this belt from Goodwill 2 years ago.
What you will need:
an old belt, a pair of really sharp scissors, marker, hacksaw, metal file, velcro, needle and thread, ruler or measuring tape
1. Measure your wrist and use that measurement to determine how long your wrist cuff will be. Mark your belt with the exact length you want and cut it. Use the part of the belt where there are no belt holes.
2. Saw the belt buckle off using a hacksaw. Be very careful with this procedure. It should look like this now.

3. Sand and smooth out the sharp metal edges of the buckle using a metal file.
4. Mark the belt strap where you want the buckle to be. Sew it in place using the same color of thread so it will not show.

5. Place the velcro on the ends to use as fasteners for your wrist cuff. One velcro on the inside of the belt strap, the other velcro on the outside part of the belt strap. You can glue or sew it in on the sides.

Voila! There's your very own cool and unique wrist cuff.

Have fun making your own! Be creative and don't limit your imagination.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bargain find of the week: Boots

I found this pair of boots from a garage sale for $1.50. So here's how I wore and rock it.
I paired it with an oversized top (Walmart$5). My skirt was from a 2nd hand store long time ago; I can't remember how much it cost. I got the parasol for $5 from a theme park we went to this summer (Adventureland, if you're ever in Des Moines). The purse came from Gordman's for $5 (clearance). This overall look cost me below $20. Can you believe that?
Enjoy your day and rock that clearance stuff you got.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Learn Something New: Crochet

Everday is an oppurtunity to learn something new.
I am not a pro in crocheting but I know the very basics. This is one side of me I'd like to share. I love crafts and handmade or manmade stuff. I conjured up my imagination and thought of crocheting a purse. One time, my friend and I went to the flea market to sell some of our stuff. My friend is very good at crocheting. If you want to learn, there are crochet books at the library and even videos in youtube on how to crochet. And if you want to sell it, I think you can post it on craigslist and a website called The picture above is my favorite. I added the initials of mine, my son and my hubby. The bottom pictures are taken at the flea market and the stuff that my friend and I made. I hope you like it.

If I could get my videocam to upload videos on my computer I will post a video on how to crochet the stuff I made.
Have fun and learn something different.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bargain find of the week

Here's a cute and unique purse I got from a garage sale for a dollar. I think anybody can make one like this. If you have an old purse or tote, you can put beads, sequins or anything creative to style it. Voila, you will have your own cool customized purse.

The only thing I'm not crazy about is this has weak plastic straps. I can't put a lot of stuff in it because it will not hold. I am used to big purses and I always carry a lot of stuff. But in this one I can only put my wallet, camera, phone, and some makeup. But hey, it's just for a dollar. I should not expect anything more.
Oh I just thought of something! I'm going to look for an old belt and replace the straps on this one to make it more sturdy.
Have fun making your own customized purses and totes.
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