Monday, July 27, 2009

bargain shopper

You might think stuff from garage sales or thrift stores are not really pretty, but you can wear them and work them and flaunt them. It doesnt have to look so cheap. Just be confident and show your individual style. You don't have to follow the fad. You don't have to buy those expensive designer brands. So when you go shopping next time, you might want to drop by the garage sales or the thrift shops first.
1. The necklace I'm wearing is just 50 cents at the garage sale.

2. The leather purse I got for only $1 at the garage sale.

3. The purple belt, I got from the thrift shop/goodwill/salvation army for $3

So when you go out of the house or just driving around, look at the signs and check out these cool bargains. You never know, you might find a vintage top or an antique craft that is worth something.

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