Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer days

It was a really hot day on july 6th and me and my fam went to the park. And of course Mango(our pug) came too. So anyways the fashion for the day:individua style is: shorts,a folded long-sleeved blue plaid shirt,keds sneakers,a baseball cap, a cute bright summer purse and of course throw on some accessories.

Where did I get my clothes? plaid shirt ---from goodwill for $3

2. shorts ---i bought last year at gordmans$14 ---- keds from fashion junction for $13(the store sells 2nd hand items)

4.hat ---- walmart for $8 summer purse -----gordmans for $5; (it was on clearance)

6. accessories-a long silver chain with a silver heart pendandt and a medium length silver chain with a silver cross pendant both for just 50cents from the garage sale.

Essentials for summer days:(in no particular order)

1. sunscreen

2. a hat

3. cold bottled water

4. lip balm with spf

5. facial moisturizer with sunscreen

6. camera

7. pretty sundress

8. flats/flipflops/sandals

9. big tote

10. hair leave-in conditioner

11. a nice pair of swimwear

Enjoy the summer!

P.S. if you could think of any other summer essentials or must-haves,comment below.

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