Friday, March 25, 2011

4 months Trey

Trey trying to look like a good boy.

Trey being his real self.

What's so good about Trey's 4th month?

He can roll over on his own! Yay! That's a big milestone for him. Here's a vid of him rolling over on his own.

Since he was able to sit with support, we gave him Gerber rice cereal, his first solid food. He is not so sure about it. But when he tried the Gerber NatureSelect 1st foods sweet potato , he found his favorite and wouldn't stop eating.

He was lots of fun more and more each day.

What's not so good about Trey's 4th month?

I stopped breastfeeding and gave him his first formula which is Enfamil Premium Infant formula. He was not crazy about it. After 2 weeks I gave him Similac Advance Infant Formula. He was happy with it except I wasn't crazy about the price. It was expensive.

All in all, his 4th month of life was pretty fun and exciting.

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Anonymous said...

He's a beautiful baby :-)

Thanks for sharing.


Sarah said...

So sweet! Happy 4 months!

Pepper Lovin! said...

Thanks for supporting my blog! following you right back!

Siv Maria said...

Just wait until he starts walking...LOL! Can't wait to read about that....Better start baby proofing now and beware, there is no limit to the places they can get into!

Kasie said...

LOL How sweeet!! Thanks for stopping by TCC!! I am now following back and can't wait to read up on this little man Trey's adventure through life :) Blessings today

Liz said...

SO cute!

Anonymous said...

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milliemorganmedia said...

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